Rianka Singh

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Communication & Media Studies at York University. I hold graduate appointments in York and Toronto Metropolitan’s Joint Graduate Program in Communication and Culture and in the Science and Technology Studies department at York.  

With Sarah Sharma, I am co-editor of Re-Understanding Media: Feminist Extensions of Marshall McLuhan (DUKE UP, 2022). I have also published my work in the Canadian Journal of Communication, Feminist Media StudiesFirst Monday and ADA

I am currently working on my monograph Platform Feminism and the Politics of Elevation. In it, I unpack the relationship platforms and feminist politics.  Platform Feminism addresses two key areas of investigation. First, I examine the history of elevated surfaces in order to discern how power has been mediated by platforms in various contexts through time. Second, I explore contemporary intersectional feminist activism that is organized around factors of care, safety and survival rather than the amplifying logics of the platform.



Sharma, Sarah and Rianka Singh. 2022. Re-Understanding Media: Feminist Extensions or Marshall McLuhan. Duke University Press.  

Book Chapters

Singh, Rianka and Sarah Banet-Weiser. “Sky High: Platforms and the Feminist Politics of Visibility.” (in Re-Understanding Media).

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Other Writing 

Singh, Rianka.  2022. “H.O.R.S.E” Deep Horse Almanac, edited by Hazel Meyer. 

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